Calibrating vehicle mileage and odometer readings

It is possible that the mileage recorded by your vehicle and the mileage reported by the VHM may need to be calibrated.  


The VHM derives mileage traveled from the speedometer.  Every second we check the speed and we calculate how far the vehicle has traveled during that time.  At the end of a trip we have a distance traveled mileage number which we add to your Fleet Genius PRO VHM Odometer (adjusted VHM Mileage).

We can't determine how each vehicle will calculate their mileage readings and so for some vehicles who use the speedometer we'll be pretty nearly spot on and for mechanical or other mechanisms we may be off by a couple percent. 

The calibration value (odometer adjustment co-efficient) allows you to adjust your VHM mileage if you need to synchronize the vehicle's odometer and Fleet Genius's reporting of the odometer reading.

Is this required?

No.  Some of our customers are satisfied to run their maintenance schedules from the VHM miles and don't worry about slight discrepancies.  Others want the 2 numbers to align as closely as possible.

It is really up to you.

Fleet Genius Support Can Help

As part of your support contract we can help you with this.  Drop us a note either in the application or an email to if you want assistance.

You can also use this spreadsheet to calculate the odometer adjustment values yourself.


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