VHM Removal Alerts

Fleet Genius generates alerts when it gets a message from a VHM that it has been disconnected from the DLC port (OBD2 port) and reconnected.  

click on View 1 reports

The pop-up shows the date and time that the vehicle removal and reinsertion was reported.  You can archive it if you know what caused the alert (and insert a comment if you'd like to record the reason) or you can keep the alert active while you are researching the cause.

The alert is generated by one of a few conditions:

  • new firmware updates and restarts
  • vehicle battery power loss 
  • removal of the VHM 

In general, most customers will be aware of the cause of all of these alerts but the alerts may also point to vehicle misuse by an employee or driver who is trying to use the vehicle undetected.

The system records the actual removal date/time and the reinsertion date/time.  You can research these events on the /events log in the system.  

You can search for the event EV_DLC in the search box and then click on DATE/TIME header which will sort the notices in pairs.  

Once you have seen the information on the alert you can determine if it is just a part of normal operations or something that needs more research.

Need any more information?  Please drop us a note at support@fleet-genius.com




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