Will a "clear events" clear the current trip record? Or is the current trip record "safe" until it is completed and becomes an event itself?

Events for the VHM are the data records stored in flash memory. The current trip record is in RAM so when clearing events it will not clear the current trip record only all the data in flash memory (events).


We do this for “drive-by” uploads.  This way the VHM can be logging a trip while sending its historical data to the access point upon which will get cleared when the transmission is successful.  Then once the current trip is completed it will be a new event to be uploaded in the next “drive-by” upload.


There are three clear levels.  Level 1 is normally used when installed, Level 2 & Level 3 is for restoring factory defaults and should be done when not driving.  Level 2 logs a factory restore event and continues logging and Level 3 does not allow logging afterwards so it restores a VHM to out-of-the-box configuration and does not log anymore until it gets re-installed (the target customer).

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