About Manage Devices

The  Devices utility on the Admin menu allows a fleet manager to manage the relationship between a VHM module and a Vehicle.  It is also the location to add a new VHM to your organization.  In some circumstances Prova or your reseller partner will have entered new device information for you when the VHMs ship to your locations.

On this screen you'll be able to view all the VHMs and their vehicle associations used by your fleet.  The screen shows:


  • Org:  shows your organization name
  • Serial Number:  displays the VHM Serial number which is found on the outside case of the VHM
  • VHM ID:  displays teh VHM radio ID of the VHM which is found on the outside case of the VHM
  • Vehicle:  the vehicle to which this VHM is assigned.
  • HW : indicates the hardware version of the VHM
  • SW:  displays the firmware version running in the VHM.  This updates as firmware is updated in your VHM.
Each record  line permits the option to SHOW, EDIT or DESTROY the record.   WE STRONGLY ADVISE AGAINST DESTROYING a record.  It is far better to remove its vehicle assignment by editing the record and choosing the blank or unassigned ID.  DESTROYING A RECORD could harm historical data in your system.
Manually managed vehicles do not appear in this DEVICE list.


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