About Trip Records

Trip records are generated in the system by the receipt of trip records from a VHM.  This trip information is posted to the system via Prova's wireless VHMs.

Trip records are detailed accounts of the activities of a vehicle between an engine on and an engine off event; every time you start your car the VHM starts recording comprehensive vehicle information and completes that recording once you turn off the vehicle.

Trip records are accessable from a vehicle's record, a driver's record or from the trips list.  

The trip record consists of 3 parts:  trip header, trip metrics and idle events.




The trip header shows the basic information about the trip and includes:

  • system generated trip id,
  • vehicle id,
  • driver id,
  • start time/date,
  • stop time/date,
  • trip duration
  • destination.


The trip metrics panel contains valuable information about the performance of the vehicle and driver during the trip.  The data collected can be used to assess vehicle health and utilization profiles.  

  • trip distance: this is the calculated trip distance for the trip in miles or km. 
  • fuel used: calculated fuel used by the vehicle during this trip.  (see About Fuel Economy or more information)
  • total trip idle time: the VHM records every idle event of 1 sec duration or more.  This is the total of all idle events recorded during the trip.  
  • max speed: this is the maximum speed reached by the vehicle during the trip.  This metric can be used to understand driver speeding behaviors.
  • average speed: this is the total average of speeds driven during the trip.  This is useful to track driver speeding behavior.
  • max RPM:  this is the maximum RPM reached during the trip.  This can be used to understand driver behavior and can also be used to diagnose persistent problems with the vehicle.  
  • average RPM: this is the average for RPM activity during the trip.  High average RPMs can indicate a driver behavior problem or serious issues with a vehicles transmission system.  
  • max throttle:  
  • average throttle
  • average moving MPG
  • average total MPG
  • idling gallons
  • total gallons
  • max acceleration
  • max deceleration
  • max ECT
  • average ECT

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