About Trip List

The trip list shows all trips for all vehicles and drivers recorded for your organization.  

Trips are listed in date order with the most recent trips first.   The trip list shows the following basic trip information:

  • Trip ID  - this is a system generated ID and is sortable.  
  • Trip Date - this is reported from the VHM and is recorded when the vehicle has an engine on/ key on event
  • Trip Start / End Time - this is reported from the VHM and is recorded when the vehicle has an engine on and an engine off event.  Time shown is the default time zone for the organization.
  • Duration -  duration of the trip hh:mm:ss
  • Miles/KM - this is the distance driven during the trip values are either in miles or kilometers based on the organization's default setting. 
  • Fuel Cost - this is calculated from the average fuel cost setting in the organization record.  It is an estimated cost.  See Calculating Fuel Cost
  • Vehicle Name - this is the vehicle name as entered in the vehicle record.  This trip has been assigned to this vehicle's driving record.
  • Driver Name - this is the driver who was assigned to the vehicle.  This trip has been assigned to this driver's driving record.

The trip list can also be viewed automatically sorted by vehicle or by driver in the Vehicle Record and the Driver record.  

You can search the trip list for particular trips using the search bar.  The search bar supports multiple word search strings to help you narrow down your targets.

You can also limit your search by date range using the start date - end date utility on the nav bar and clicking the update button.


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