About Manage Maintenance Schedules

Fleet Genius supports tiered maintenance schedules.  There is one schedule for the entire organization's ORG and then individual maintenance schedules for each vehicle.  All vehicles inherit the ORG schedule unless their maintenance schedule is individually adjusted.

The ORG maintenance schedule, @ MAINTENANCE > MAINTENANCE SCHEDULES, is the master schedule.  The system comes with no maintenance schedule by default.  You can import a Fleet Genius maintenance schedule and modify that to meet your organizations need (ADD DEFAULT SCHEDULES button).   Or you can create your own schedule and naming convention.  The maintenance actions display in alphabetical order.



Vehicles can also support their own particular schedules.  This is especially useful for things like vehicle registration information and safety/emissions inspections which happen on a calendar basis.  It is also useful if you need to modify the performance frequency of a maintenance activity.   The Vehicle specific maintenance schedule is under the VEHICLE record on the MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE tab. The vehicle's MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE also displays the up-to-date schedule of actual maintenance.



Once you're on either the ORG MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE or the vehicle's MAINTENANCE SCHEDULES editing and creating maintenance action schedules works the same way.  When you edit a vehicle MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE action it takes precedence for the vehicle over the ORG's MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE action.

  1. Click on the pencil/edit icon next to the maintenance action you want to edit
  2. Make the changes you require to the form.  The system will allow you to set mileage/odometer, running time, date and days triggers for maintenance action schedules.  You can set a schedule to use all of the triggers or just choose one.  If you choose to set all triggers the first trigger to be achieved will generate the maintenance alert and outstanding maintenance action.   These maintenance actions automatically become flagged as OVERDUE.
  3. Set warning thresholds.  If you want to be warned in advance of a trigger you can set the appropriate warning threshold.  You will be alerted when you pass these thresholds that you have an upcoming maintenance activity.
  4. Choose who should receive alerts for this scheduled event via email.
  5. DELETE or DEACTIVATE.  You have the choice to delete or deactivate a maintenance schedule action.  If you delete an action from the ORG maintenance schedule you delete it for every vehicle in the fleet.  If you delete an action for a vehicle you only delete any vehicle specfic maintenance actions.  The vehicle will reinherit the ORG schedule.  If you deactivate the schedule for a vehicle it is deactivated for the vehicle and it will no longer track this for the vehicle,  

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