About Fuel Economy

Fleet Genius uses VHMs to calculate fuel economy for vehicles.  Fuel economy is calculated trip-by-trip and can be viewed in the metrics panel for every trip and on the metrics panel for a particular vehicle.  

Vehicle Fuel Economy

Vehicle fuel economy is calculated for the history of the vehicle.  The number shown includes all trips recorded by the VHM.  Fuel usage is total fuel usage as calculated by the VHM.   MPG and fuel usage values are adjusted based on the Fuel Adjustment Coefficient if it has been entered for the vehicle.  If you believe your fuel usage or MPG values are incorrect you may need to add a fuel adjustment coefficient.  


Trip Fuel Economy

Trip fuel economy is calculated trip-by-trip.  In general trips with the best fuel economy will be trips that are longer than 10 minutes (the vehicle's engine has warmed to its optimal operating temperature) and won't have alot of idle time.  Each trip will show the fuel used for that trip, a histogram of fuel used, average moving MPG, total trip MPG, Idling fuel used and total fuel used.  The figures shown will include any calibration that has been computed on the VHM reported fuel economy and fuel usage (see Fuel Adjustment Coefficient calculations)



NB: The fuel usage histogram shows the actual, unadjusted fuel usage and does not include calibration.

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