About the Dashboard

The entry point to the Fleet Genius PRO fleet management system is the Dashboard.

The Dashboard provides an at-a-glance view of outstanding issues with vehicles and drivers in the fleet.  It also provides fleet metrics for the fleet so you can see Fuel Economy information, Driver Behavior and other critical elements

The Dashboard is color coded to assist you in focusing on the most urgent tasks:  

  • RED is critical and requires immediate attention.  This is most often used for past due maintenance actions and DTC vehicle engine error codes.
  • YELLOW indicates a warning condition.  Yellow items may not require immediate attention but signal that something requires attention.  
  • GREEN indicates that everything is running normally with a vehicle or driver.

The dashboard also identifies trends in your fleet's operating performance with Key Performance indicator tables.  These tables start up after 30 days of operations and require VHMs to activate the data analysis.

KPIs show up and down trends and are colorized to show whether the trends are in a good direction or the wrong direction. 

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